VIVAN INDUSTRIES is one of the fastest growing manufacturing and supplying Inorganic & Organic Chemicals to a wide variety of industrial, institutional and retail customers. Our commitment to providing quality products coupled with quick turnaround and top-notch services at the right cost, Company sells its products to chemical processing, plastics, polymers, energy, flourocarbons, food and pharmaceuticals, metal cleaning, pulp and paper, silicones, soap and cleaning chemicals, textiles, water management, and wood preservation markets.

VIVAN INDUSTRIES has manufacturing facilities in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, INDIA. We strives on technological up-gradations, continuous innovation, consistent learning, environmental sustainability, ethical business and all this while keeping the customers and their needs as guiding pillars in its tryst to attain market leadership for all its endeavours.


VIVAN INDUSTRIES an ISO 9001:2015 certified, it has been our practice since inception to ensure that each batch of production goes through quality checking and we aim at providing to our valued customers quality products and consistency thereof. We make sure that the right product reaches the right customer – no compromise on quality. We retain sample undergoes testing against the approved samples, under strict supervision of our qualified chemists. This is one reason why all local and overseas buyers consider us as long-term partners and look up to as reliable source for quality Dyestuffs.


We aim to achieve a place in the hearts of our customers by providing Quality Assurance, Special Developments and Continuous Improvement in Products.


We are committed to enlightening relationships with customers by providing quality products and solutions that match their needs in every respect.
We are committed to make customize products match with exact need of customer locally and internationally.
We aim at providing finest customer satisfaction to our valued customers by giving quality products and consistency thereof.


VIVAN INDUSTRIES is located in the industrial city of Ankleshwar, Gujarat, which is known as the chemical hub of India. We have a separate production units and is headed by qualified and experienced professionals.

Our infrastructure comprises of the entire range of necessary instruments to pay attention to every section of our business & quality requirement. We have a huge array of skilled labours working with the help of the best & latest machinery available in market. The machines are kept under the aegis of technical experts whose responsibility ranges from rectifying minor snags to notifying the authority concerned when a gadget requires to be replaced.

VIVAN INDUSTRIES assimilated production technologies from the most reputed sources. The company has renovated its plants as per a new generation lay-out, to optimize production output. It has streamlined its functions, to expedite processes.

The VIVAN INDUSTRIES plant is equipped with high-capacity reactors and closed reactors capable of high pressure & temperature reactions.

Highly skilled technology experts and experienced technicians complement VIVAN INDUSTRIES quality chain.

Packaging & Despatch

For smooth functioning the Packaging & Despatch Departments have been constructed in a separate area, with large storage capacities for crude materials inventory and packed materials. Mixtures and Blenders with high capacities enable faster standardization as per customer requirements, executed directly under the Quality Control Manager.

VIVAN INDUSTRIES products feature a range of packing methods to suit divergent client requirements and usage patterns.

Some of Our Manufacturing & Exporting Chemicals

We have Quality at out core.
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