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Characteristics Specifications Specifications
Physical Appearance White Crystalline Powder White Crystalline Powder
Assay as Na2SO3% by mass 90 % to 92% 95 % to 97%
PH of 10% Solution 9 to 11 9 to 11
Clearity of 10% Solution Clear and Colourless Clear and Colourless


  • Pulp and paper

    In the production of pulp by sulphite semi-chemical process and chemi-thermo mechanical means

  • Water treatment

    As an antichlor

  • Boiler water

    As an oxygen scavenger

  • Chemicals and drugs

    A moderate reducing agent in the manufacture of sodium thiosulphate, sulphonated chemicals, sulphomethylation, and acetaminophen

  • Natural latex rubber

    As a preservative

  • Photography

    As a preservative

  • Food industry

    As an antioxidant, enzyme inhibitor and anti-microbial agent

  • Fibre industry

    As a solvent for raw materials, an additive for precipitation baths, for bleaching and for desulphurising bobbins

  • Chlor-alkali

    To destroy chlorine in return brine

  • Leather industry

    In the sulphitisation of tanning extract

  • Explosives

    In the production of trinitrotoluene (TNT)

  • Minerals

    Oil well floatation as an oxygen scavenger

  • Detergents

    In the manufacture of sulphosuccinates and shampoo


50 kg laminated HDPE bags with double liners

Sodium Sulphate


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