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Assay  % m/m 98.0% Minimum
Total Copper content as ‘Cu’ % m/m 24.0 % Minimum
Chloride               (Cl) 0.005% Max.
Heavy Metal         (Pb) 0.01% Max.
Iron                     (Fe) 0.05% Max.
Alkalis Sulphate  (SO4) 0.3% Max.


  • Feed Grade

    The Copper Sulfate feed grade, is used in the elaboration of mineral premixes, that complement the proper feeding of livestock and poultry. The fine crystals and free flow characteristics of our Copper Sulfate, make it ideal to combine with other nutrients,allowing the animal to achieve a balanced diet. Thanks to its chemical characteristics, that include purity and copper content, as well as its physical ones, in which the crystal size is very important, we can safely say, that the best animal feed products are formulated with Nordfeed´s Copper Sulfate.

  • Agriculture - Technical grade

    Today´s agricultural development demands high quality, efficienty, low cost products. That´s why, in Nordfeed we offer the market´s best Copper Sulfate. Its effective fungicide action, as well as its high solubility, makes it ideal in the fight against numerous plagues. As a nutricious element, the copper sulfate is essential, allowing a healthy development to your growing, avoiding the deficiencies that arise with the lack of this important mineral.

  • Mining

    The copper sulfate is widely used in the mining industry as a reagent during the flotation process,enabling the separation of minerals such as zinc, silver and lead.

  • Galvanoplasty (Electrotyping)

    In metal pickling and plating baths, that work against the corrosion of metals, copper sulfate with low iron content is used, a fundamental characteristic guaranteed by our product.

  • Water Treatment

    Copper Sulfate purifies water supplies, safely eliminating weeds and the odor and taste they produce.As an algicide, it is used in waters that range from swimming pools to lakes and reservoirs.

  • Other Copper Sulfate Applications

    Our product is also used in sewer treatment, wood treatment, pigments, veterinary medicine, and as a raw material for other derivatives.


It is packed in 50 kg HDPE/PP bags with inner liner

Copper Sulphate


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