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Ferric Chloride as FeCl3 % : 40.0 % min.
Ferrous Salt as FeCl2 % : 0.10% max
Relative Density at 25 C : 1.43 min
Free Acid as HCl % : 0.50% max
pH : < 1.0


  • Absorbs Suspended Particles

    Ferric chloride liquid precipitate absorbs suspended particles (clay, organic matter, etc) flocculates and carries the absorbed particles to the bottom. It also removes sulphides and silica.

  • Act as a Coagulant

    It increase the rate of settling of sludge in sewage by the process of hydrolysis forming ferric Hydroxide which acts as a coagulant.

  • Multi-Stage Operation

    Generally industrial effluents are either acidic or alkaline and the treatment of such effluents is usually a costly and cumbersome multi-stage operation requiring a number of chemicals.

  • Flocculating Properties

    Ferric Chloride Anhydrous because of its flocculating and deodorizing properties, can be used directly in a single stage operation replacing the traditional cumbersome process.

  • Drilling Well

    To release entrapped oil from crevices and rocks below the sea bed ferric Chloride Liquid can be used by feeding it into the drilling well.

  • Decomposes Rocks

    It decomposes and reacts with the rocks, releasing the entrapped oils which are removed by the normal processes.

  • Other Uses

    • As an etching agent for photo engraving and printed circuitry.
    • To produce decorative surface effects on ceramics.
    • In the manufacture of glycerine.
    • As a catalyst, mordant, oxidizing, chlorination and condensing agent.
    • As a disinfectant and pigment.


Material is packed in 50 kg HDPE carboy, 280 kg capacity HMHDPE Barrels. It also filled in lorry tankers and transported for sale in domestic market.

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